ICD 10 Codes for Dementia: Changes Going on Now for 2023

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The resources in this article provide information about ICD 10 dementia code changes that go into effect October 1, 2022. Jessica Cook, VP of Coding and OASIS Services, provides information about upcoming changes and deleted codes.

Dementia codes will now be coded with severity ratings. Documentation provided by the physician must support the use of a severity rating including unspecified severity, mild severity, moderate severity, or severe severity. Learn more about clinician documentation in this podcast featuring Anna Powers

Severity is not something that can be assumed. If severity is not documented by the physician, an unspecified severity code will be used. 

Additional behaviors have been added to the dementia codes with the new guidance. 

Behaviors include:

  • with agitation
  • with other behavioral disturbances
  • psychotic disturbances
  • mood disturbances
  • with anxiety

There will also be a letter embedded in the code to indicate the degree of severity.Mild severity will have an “a” in the dementia code.Moderate severity will have a “b”Severe severity will have a “c”An unspecified severity will not include the a, b, or c letter included.


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