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Home Health, Hospice, and Palliative Care Revenue Recovery Services

Don’t leave hard earned money on the table

Our RCM recovery solutions are your lifeline, salvaging lost dollars and reinvigorating your financial health to create predictable revenue. Imagine the possibilities when you conquer complex regulations, coding errors, and administrative hurdles.

Why do you need home health, hospice, & palliative care revenue recovery?

Agencies often don’t have the people, time, or resources to effectively address denied claims. And all too frequently, these are written off, forgotten about, and this valuable potential revenue is never realized.

We relieve the burden of collecting unpaid claims, providing you with the vital time and cash needed to advance your agency. We work in a variety of EHRs and manage the entire rebill process from start to finish. Our process includes reviewing documentation, consulting with your team to correct errors, the rebilling process, and follow-up.

Expert Home Health Revenue Recovery

Home health agencies often find themselves with an extensive backlog of outstanding claims or a long list of write-offs. Just keeping up with the intricate details to correct claims and rebill is challenging and time consuming. With our home health billing recovery service, we’ll analyze your unpaid claims and apply our expert knowledge to collect exactly what you’re owed.

Comprehensive Hospice Revenue Recovery

Due to complex hospice billing requirements, it’s not at all uncommon to experience payment delays and write-offs. When you utilize our hospice revenue recovery service, our expert specialists will thoroughly analyze your receivables and completely manage the resubmission and collection process.

Palliative Care Revenue Recovery

Effectively overseeing palliative care billing is a significant investment of time and effort, and errors in the process can lead to significant financial consequences. Our team of experts specializes in palliative care billing and recovery, providing comprehensive management of the entire billing process. This includes meticulous handling of claim submissions, including specialized claims and collections, to guarantee accuracy and timeliness. With our dedicated approach, you can trust that your billing operations are managed with the highest level of diligence and care.

Our process

Maximize Efficiency

Don’t let denied claims affect your revenue, resources, or productivity. We make sure you get paid every dollar you’re owed.

Complete Claims Review

Our billing recovery experts conduct a thorough analysis of outstanding claims to identify and rectify errors for rebilling.

Comprehensive Billing Recovery Management

We fully manage the rebilling process, including error corrections, appeal management, and follow-ups.

Claims Monitoring

Don’t let denied claims affect your revenue, resources, or productivity. We make sure you get paid every dollar you’re owed.

Rapid Payment Posting

Payments are reconciled and quickly posted so you can reinvest the cash in your mission to provide exceptional patient care and service.

Full Transparency

We provide insight into your overall performance through ongoing, detailed reporting on accounts receivable balance, at-risk claims, payer set-up, collections vs outstanding, and write-offs.

Advanced funding and line of credit programs

Enjoy a financial safety net of up to $100,000 for unexpected expenses, new equipment, or capturing growth opportunities. Sleep soundly knowing you have the resources to handle anything.

The HealthRev Difference

When you partner with us, you benefit from a team of experts skilled with every aspect of home health, hospice, and palliative care billing recovery. We possess the knowledge and skills to dig deep into your claims to make sure we quickly and efficiently collect every dollar that you’re owed. Once we get to work, you’ll rapidly enjoy a boost in cash flow, providing an opportunity to reinvest in your agency for even more success.

Inspiring Possibilities

We’re inspiring possibilities for agencies across the nation by optimizing revenue cycle operations and improving financial performance. Let’s talk about what we can do for you. Fill out the form and we’ll be in touch shortly.