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About Velocity

Velocity is our proprietary system that allows us to perform efficient and effective documentation review, coding, and billing based on best practices and published guidelines. Our team leveraged years of experience to build advanced logic and workflows into Velocity, eliminating human error and removing variability to produce consistent, optimal results for our clients.

Key advantages of Velocity

Unrivaled Reporting & Insights

Gain complete transparency and in-depth insights into overall performance and uncover significant opportunities for improvement.

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  • Ongoing, detailed reporting of chart quality
  • Clinician specific documentation
  • Case mix weight reports
  • Productivity and Reimbursement difference before/after services

Real Time Updates & Alerts

End the hassle of chasing down important information.

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  • Enjoy quick access to progress details
  • Instant notifications when a chart is complete
  • Real-time alerts for important events that require immediate attention
  • Analyze data to make future improvements and drive success

Sophisticated AI Technology

Streamline processes and automate tasks with cutting-edge artificial intelligence technology.

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  • Automatically assign charts to coding professionals
  • Streamlines ICD-10 coding process and assists with selecting codes to the highest level of specificity to maximize reimbursement
  • Provides insight into what primary codes are PDGM approved and the comorbidity adjustment categories
  • Assists with risk and comorbidity adjustments by advising on codes that can go together and displaying primary and secondary code sets to find levels of specificity

Rapid Turnaround

Enjoy quick and reliable turnaround based on priority and submission deadlines.

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  • Achieve more efficient reimbursement
  • Enjoy accurate cash flow
  • Easily organize tasks by priority
  • Utilize a robust system to easily assign tasks to users

Error-Free Claims

Eliminate human subjectivity and mistakes.

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  • System-driven logic built around best practices and guidelines
  • Take the guess work out of determining priorities
  • Utilize sophisticated automation to assign tasks and users

Communication Made Easy

Securely and easily communicate with external and internal partners.

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  • Easily communicate within Velocity based on role-based security
  • Utilize real-time notifications to monitor/notify users about events and conditions that require immediate attention
  • Share sensitive information within a HIPAA secure platform you can trust
  • Allow users to manage all aspects of coding/RCM activities and mitigate service issues from a central location.

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Our most popular software features


Easily Manage Your Coding From One Central Location

Stay organized and on-time with our coding queue, which provides a centralized location to easily view and manage your OASIS Coding reviews. Organize your tasks by priority, date, client, and more with the ability to add comments and notes.


Unlimited Visibility and Insights

Our coding dashboard delivers a comprehensive and insightful view into all your OASIS coding reviews. Use valuable data such as Visit Utilization and Average TAT to drive productivity and increase revenue. Gain complete visibility into metrics like Reimbursement Variance and Clinician Productivity to make data-driven decisions that elevate your business to new heights.


Get Paid In Full – On Time, Every Time

Utilize our robust Billing and Recovery Dashboards to easily keep track of cash flow, aging accounts, average DSO, and much more. Our expert team will ensure that you are paid every dollar you’re owed, and you can track the process every step of the way.

Frequently asked questions

Velocity is our proprietary software system that provides real-time data for transparency to optimize financial processes, reduce inefficiencies, and enhance overall revenue performance in healthcare organizations.

Key performance indicators (KPIs) are customizable within Velocity and can include number of charts reviewed, ROI, OASIS changes, documentation changes by clinician, DSO, days in accounts receivable (AR), claims paid, average days to pay by payor, and many more.

Velocity is EHR agnostic, compatible and interoperable with any EHR system, allowing flexibility across diverse technological environments.

Protecting sensitive patient health information is our top priority. We have implemented robust cybersecurity policies, infrastructure, and controls to safeguard protected health information (PHI) across our systems and portal application.

Key elements of our program:

– Comprehensive policies and procedures governing cybersecurity controls, aligned to industry best practices
– Rigorous vendor oversight to ensure partners protect PHI to our standards
– Physical access controls securing our facilities
– Microsoft Azure hosting with high availability for our portal application
– Up-to-date anti-virus/malware software across all endpoints
– Multifactor authentication enabled wherever possible
– Mandatory security awareness training for all employees
– Regular system patching and vulnerability remediation
– Contracts holding vendors accountable for PHI protection

We continuously invest in upgrading security platforms, monitoring emerging threats, and refining processes. Our comprehensive information security framework balances access needs while mitigating risks from ever-evolving cyberattacks. We welcome conversations with partners to provide any additional details on our cybersecurity approach.

Velocity offers customizable dashboards, accessible in real-time, for KPIs at a quick glance, as well as robust reporting that can be exported to CSV. Whether you are looking for quick glance of information or you are someone who likes to drill deep into the data, Velocity allows you to customize your analytic experience.

Our implementation process ensures that Velocity users are set for success. Our service teams meet regularly with clients to utilize and review reports and offer on-going support. HRP provides monthly training options. Release notes and user guides are also available for reference within Velocity.

Velocity utilizes data to forecast future financial outcomes, identify trends, and anticipate potential issues in the revenue cycle, helping organizations make informed decisions and proactively address challenges for improved financial performance.

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