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Outsource your billing

Hospice Billing

The intricacies of hospice billing can often be overwhelming, leading providers to seek innovative solutions. This is where outsourcing to HealthRev Partners, a tech-driven revenue cycle management company, can make a significant difference. Outsourcing hospice billing services to HealthRev Partners is a game-changer for providers. The benefits go beyond just efficient billing; they extend to improved patient care and organizational growth.

Home Health Billing

Managing home health billing isn’t easy, especially with the new Patient-Driven Groupings Model (PDGM). Our home health billing experts have the expertise, training, and experience to significantly reduce your billing problems, improve turnaround times, and increase cash flow. We accelerate payments through our claims forecasting technology while also reducing denials and rejections to create predictable revenue for your agency.

Palliative Billing

Effectively managing palliative care billing can be time consuming and costly. Our Palliative care billing experts completely manage the billing process to ensure timely, accurate claim submission, including special claims and collections. When you work with us, you can rest assured that your billing operations are handled with the utmost diligence and care.

Revenue cycle management services

Maintaining compliance means fewer disputes with payers, smoother operations, lower overhead costs, more satisfied customers, and higher reimbursement rates – all adding up to increased revenue!

Our professional onboarding system streamlines processes, while our customization saves time and reduces postliminary problems.

Velocity accurately tracks and monitors all claims, reducing DSO and helping you receive every claim dollar you deserve.

Our visit utilization reports give you the tools to efficiently utilize your personnel resources, eliminate unnecessary labor costs, and reduce coding errors.

Following up on unpaid claims can be time consuming. Our claims forecasting within Velocity and RCM services team saves you time and quickly delivers results.

We perform a Recovery Assessment to audit aging claims and unbilled claims so you know the IMPACT to your cash flow.

Velocity, our proprietary software tool tracks, organizes and provides customizable reports to give key insights to the health of your organization.


Improve cash flow by an average of 30% within 60 days.


NOA/NOE submission and tracking all the way to payment posting.


RCM specialist with expertise tailored to your account based on EHR, payors, and geographic location.

Calculate Your Days Sales Outstanding

How we empower home health agencies

OASIS-E consisted of the most extensive revisions of the OASIS data set ever. To be exact, there were 159 OASIS-E data elements changed with the new assessment forms. This included 39 new assessment items added to the OASIS-E charting.

Documentation and submission requirements are forcing agencies to dedicate more time and resources to ensure proper, timely reimbursement. We effectively manage your claim reviews and submissions to decrease rejected claims and expedite cash flow.

We create a unique dashboard tailored to your needs in our custom analytics software that gives you an intuitive and easy way to see reliable, and up-to-date financial data, as well as revenue cycle performance intelligence.

Enjoy a simplified process that notifies us when charts are ready, alleviating administrative headaches and the need to send patient-specific data through secure email. We provide consistent communication between our staff and your agency, as well as ongoing program review.

Gain full insight into overall performance through detailed reporting of AR, DSO, cost per visit, days to final, bad debt, profit, unbilled AR, percentage of rejected or denied claims, payments posted, and benchmarks.

Your agency will benefit from expert home health billing backed by exceptional service and unmatched transparency. You can rely on our team to ensure that you get paid everything you’re owed, quickly and easily.

Streamline home health billing and collections

Let’s make timely, accurate reimbursement a reality together. Get started today to learn how your agency can save significant time and start making more money.

Why consider outsourcing your home health billing?


Optimize Billing Process

One of the best ways to streamline home health agency operations, accelerate reimbursement, and increase overall profitability is to optimize your billing process. All too often, however, organizations face cash flow problems due to billing problems.


Work With Experts

It is essential to have a home health billing expert for your agency so you can focus your attention on your most important asset – your patients. Our dedicated home health billing experts are highly experienced in billing across multiple payers (Medicare, Medicare Advantage, Medicaid, Commercial Insurance) within a wide variety of EMRs.


Save Money & Focus On Patient Care

Outsourcing medical billing allows home health agencies to save money, lower their responsibilities, and focus on what they do best – caring for the patient.

HealthRev Partners Will Reduce The Likelihood Of Rejected Or Unpaid Claims

Quick, accurate reimbursement

Our experienced staff is here to answer all of your questions and provide your agency the tools it needs to thrive. We fully manage the entire revenue cycle, from payor setup, documentation review, and claim submission to collections and payment posting. We keep the process simple and easy which allows you to focus on your patients and your agency.

Accountability & Transparency

The #1 value to provide our clients is simple: Results. We use the KPIs that are most important to your business to ensure we’re providing you with the support and solutions you need to be successful. During your 60-day no-risk trial, you will see how HealthRev can help scale your agency with customized solutions that create predictable revenue, offer valuable insights, and significantly reduce clinician changes. We build trust with our clients through transparency and accountability. We establish transparency by using the Velocity platform to provide clients with real-time data on all our services and hold ourselves accountable to always offer consistent communication, and deliver on our promises.

Revenue recovery

Don’t Leave Hard Earned Money On The Table

Earned but uncollected revenue can be a financial challenge for many home health, hospice, and palliative care agencies. Imagine the possibilities for your agency if you collected every dollar that you’re owed. By working with a revenue recovery expert like us, you can make it a reality.

Addressing denied claims requires people, time, and expertise. Don’t let unpaid claims become write-offs. Increase your revenue potential. Our team is proficient in many EHRs to manage the entire rebill process from start to finish. This includes reviewing documentation, correcting errors, rebilling, and following up with each claim.

Our Difference

When you partner with us, you’ll benefit from a team of skilled experts. We have the knowledge and skills to make sure we collect all that you’re owed. And we’re fast! Once we get to work, you’ll see a boost in cash flow within 60 days, giving you an opportunity to reinvest in your agency for further success.

  • Home Health Billing Recovery: Reduce your unpaid claims and write-offs and collect what you’re owed.
  • Hospice Billing Recovery: Minimize payment delays and unrealized claims to experience financial freedom.

Inspiring Possibilities To Touch More Lives

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