Home Health Billing Services

Enhance Cash Flow and Secure Financial Operations.

Managing home health billing isn’t easy, especially now with the Patient-Driven Groupings Model (PDGM).

Our home health billing experts have the necessary expertise, training, and experience to help you have fewer billing problems, quicker turnaround times, and increased cash flow…

Even under PDGM.

Here’s how:

  • Home Health Billing with a Personal Touch
  • Rapid turnaround time on documentation with a first-pass clean claim rate of 98.5%
  • Quick submission and tracking of NOAs to avoid costly penalties
  • Accelerate payments through our Claims forecasting technology.
  • Reduce Denials and rejections
  • Eliminate income fluctuations and start creating Predictable Revenue

Want to improve cash flow by up to 30%?

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How We Empower Home Health Agencies

How We Empower Home Health Agencies

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Accurate and Timely Payments

Documentation and submission requirements are forcing agencies to dedicate more time and resources to ensure proper, timely reimbursement. We effectively manage your claim reviews and submissions to decrease rejected claims and expedite cash flow.

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Cutting Edge Technology

We create a unique dashboard for you in our custom analytics software that gives you an easy way to see reliable, and up-to-date financial data, as well as revenue cycle performance intelligence at a glance.

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Clear and Easy Communication

Enjoy a simplified process to notify us when charts are ready, alleviating administrative headaches and the need to send patient-specific data through secure email. Regular communication between our staff and your agency, as well as ongoing program review.

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Thorough Understanding

Gain full insight into overall performance through detailed reporting of AR, DSO, cost per visit, days to final, bad debt, profit, unbilled AR, percentage of rejected or denied claims, payments posted, and benchmarks.

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Helping your Agency Succeed

You’ll benefit from expert home health billing backed by exceptional service and unmatched transparency. You can rely on our team to ensure that you get paid everything you’re owed, quickly and easily.

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Streamline Home Health Billing and Collections

Let’s make timely, accurate reimbursement a reality… together.

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Why Consider Outsourcing Your Home Health Billing?

One of the best ways to streamline home health agency operations, accelerate reimbursement, and increase overall profitability is to optimize your billing process. All too often, however, organizations face cash flow problems as a result of billing problems.

It is essential to have a home health billing expert for your agency so you can focus your attention on your patients. Our dedicated home health billing experts are highly experienced in billing across multiple payers (Medicare, Medicare Advantage, Medicaid, Commercial Insurance) within a variety of EMRs.

Outsourcing medical billing allows home health agencies to save money, lower their responsibilities, and focus on what they do best–caring for the patient.

Meticulous Review of Claims

Complete and timely payments begin with comprehensive claim reviews.

When outsourcing with HealthRev Partners, we perform a thorough review of all claims and supporting documentation to address potential errors to ensure proper, timely payments. HealthRev Partners will reduce the likelihood of rejected or unpaid claims.

What is Included in the Review?

Using predictive analytics and routine quality audits, HealthRev Partners will identify and rectify errors prior to submission. We also perform a thorough audit of all claims to verify that billed services match supporting documentation.

Results of the Review

HealthRev Partners will consult with your team to address any potential errors or discrepancies to ensure clean claim billing. We will notify your agency with any concerns that we see so they can be corrected.

Tracking of RAPs and NOAs

RAPS, changing to NOAs in 2022, are uploaded and tracked in our custom analytics system to ensure that they are being billed on time and verified as received through the DDE/other payers Medicare Advantage plans, following the guidelines.

Quick, Accurate Reimbursement.

Our experienced staff is here to answer all of your questions and provide your agency the tools it needs to thrive.

We fully manage the entire billing process, from payor setup, documentation review, and claim submission to collections and payment posting.

We keep the process simple and easy which allows you to focus on your patients and your agency.