Velocity as a Saas Solution, Interview with Michael Greenlee, Founder and CEO of HealthRev Partners

In this interview, we sit down with Michael Greenlee to discuss HealthRev Partners’ groundbreaking Velocity SaaS solution for revenue cycle management (RCM) in the home health, hospice, and palliative care industries.
Our in-depth conversation covers a range of topics, including:
1. The inspiration behind the development of Velocity and how it differs from other RCM software solutions on the market.
2. The key features and capabilities of the Velocity platform, such as its real-time analytics and centralized data management capabilities.
3. The common pain points and challenges that Velocity is designed to address for growing multi-site agencies in the home health, hospice, and palliative care sectors.
4. The onboarding and ongoing support provided by HealthRev Partners to ensure a smooth transition and successful adoption of Velocity by their customers.
5. The integration capabilities of the Velocity platform with other key systems and technologies, such as electronic health records (EHRs) and billing systems.
6. HealthRev Partners’ plans for the future development and enhancement of the Velocity SaaS solution to stay ahead of the evolving needs of the home health, hospice, and palliative care industries.
7. The most significant benefits that Velocity can deliver to agencies in terms of improving their financial performance, operational efficiency, and overall business outcomes.
Don’t miss this insightful and informative interview as we delve deep into the transformative power of Velocity SaaS. Tune in now to learn how this innovative solution can revolutionize revenue cycle management for your home health, hospice, or palliative care agency.
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Tech, Innovation, and the Hero’s Journey: A Conversation with Marcus Whitney

In this episode, Michael Greenlee and Hannah Vale welcome a special guest, Marcus Whitney, a true thought leader and author of “Create and Orchestrate” a number one Amazon Best Seller! Marcus shares his inspiring journey from being a college dropout to founding innovative healthcare companies and co-owning Nashville’s new major league soccer team.
Marcus discusses his path to entrepreneurship, emphasizing the importance of self-leadership and innovation in navigating the dynamic healthcare industry. He delves into key concepts from his book, highlighting the need for businesses to embrace change and lead through moments of disruption.
The conversation touches on the role of ambitious creative rebels in entrepreneurship, the significance of marketing in business ownership, and the power of thinking outside the box to stand out in a competitive market. Marcus’s insights on differentiation, ingenuity, and reinvention offer valuable lessons for listeners across various sectors.
Join Michael, Hannah, and Marcus as they explore leadership, innovation, and thriving. Tune in for a thought-provoking discussion that sheds light on the essence of embracing change and driving success through creativity and resilience.
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The Power of Speech Recognition to Transform Clinical Documentation Practices with nVoq

In this Podcast with nVoq, Chief Revenue Officer Chris Moran discusses the transformative role of technology in the home health industry. nVoq, a cloud-based, medically relevant, and HIPAA-compliant speech recognition platform, is enabling in-home healthcare caregivers. 
The platform ensures accurate transcriptions, maintains patient information security, and keeps home health agencies compliant with healthcare regulations. It also facilitates interoperability with other healthcare systems and enhances the accuracy and completeness of documentation, ultimately giving clinicians more time back in their day. nVoq focuses on organizational readiness and easy adoption for effective use of the technology. Listeners can find more about nVoq on their website.
To learn more, visit ⁠nVoq’s website: ⁠

Transform Your RCM & Embrace VBP in 2024: Top 5 Metrics Revealed

Boost Your RCM Performance with Top Metrics & Insights
Struggling with revenue cycle management (RCM) in your home health business? In this episode of the Home Health Revealed podcast, discover the top 5 key metrics you need to track and improve for optimal performance in 2024.
This episode dives deep into:

Days Sales Outstanding (DSO): Keep your cash flowing smoothly with actionable tips to bring DSO down to 45-60 days.

Denial Rate: Slash denials to less than 5% and maximize reimbursements with expert strategies.

First Pass Acceptance Rate (FPAR): Achieve a 95% FPAR for cleaner claims and faster payments.

Claims Metrics: Eliminate backlogs and ensure timely billing with efficient processes.

Value-Based Purchasing (VBP) Metrics: Understand the VBP clinical and operational data and optimize your performance for future success.

Plus, gain valuable insights on:
Implementing a⁠ scorecard to track progress⁠ and measure impact.

2023 Stats and What You Need to Know for 2024

Join us as we look at our year in review to discuss turn around times, top OASIS changes, and other staggering stats.
Our goal as a company is to help agencies in the home health, hospice, and palliative care space meet the needs of their patients by fulfilling what they have been called to do.
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Clinician Safety Panel Discussion of AHCC Talk

This podcast episode discusses the importance of clinician safety in the home health workplace. The podcast features a panel of experts who discuss the risks that home health clinicians face, as well as the steps that agencies can take to mitigate those risks.
The podcast emphasizes the importance of prioritizing clinician safety in home health. By recognizing the importance of clinician safety and taking proactive steps to address the specific risks of the home health environment, we can create a safer workplace for these dedicated professionals and ensure they can continue delivering essential care to patients in their homes.
The link to the AHCC Talk podcast: ⁠⁠

Advanced Funding and Line of Credit for Home Health

This episode of Home Health Revealed discusses HealthRev Partners’ new Advanced Funding and Line of Credit programs, which helps home health agencies get paid faster for their services. The program provides up to 80% of collectible AR in advance, with fast turnaround times and flexible fee structures.
HealthRev Partners also offers a team of revenue cycle experts to help maximize revenue recovery. For a free consultation, visit
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Hospice Coding Accuracy Compliance with AHCC (Association of Home Care Coding and Compliance)

Join us on the Home HealthRevealed Podcast for a special episode in collaboration with AHHC. Dive into the realm of hospice coding, exploring the challenges and importance of accurate documentation in end-of-life care.
Discover insights from AHCC Talk, a valuable resource for home health and hospice agencies. Stay tuned as our panel discusses hospice coding and compliance, emphasizing the significance of staying updated on regulatory changes and best practices.
Enhance patient outcomes by prioritizing accurate coding practices in hospice care settings. Don’t miss out on the 2024 home health catalog with a 15% discount coupon. Subscribe to AHCC Talk for regular updates on compliance in hospice coding. Thank you for supporting Home Health Revealed.

Revolutionizing Hospice Care Costs, One Patient at a Time with BetterRX

Dive into hospice care cost management with our latest podcast episode featuring Jared Stong, PharmD, Founder and Chairman at BetterRX, delving into the heart of the matter.

BetterRX opens the conversation by shedding light on the challenges of medication management in hospice care, emphasizing the delicate balance between addressing symptoms effectively and controlling costs. With insightful strategies for optimizing drug regimens and deprescribing, BetterRX introduces a groundbreaking approach that tailors medications to each patient’s unique needs, steering clear of unnecessary expenses.

The discussion takes an innovative turn as BetterRX explores the role of technology in improving medication management. From formulary plans to streamlined communication, discover how technology simplifies processes, providing immediate recommendations and enhancing collaboration among hospice providers, hospitals, and specialists.

Listen in as BetterRX shares a real-world example of successful collaboration, illustrating how a united front among healthcare organizations can improve patient outcomes while effectively managing costs. Uncover the challenges providers face in coordinating care and the strategies they can implement to strike the delicate balance between cost control and quality.

The episode concludes with a thought-provoking exploration of ethical considerations in cost-saving measures. BetterRX emphasizes the importance of maintaining patients’ comfort and dignity in end-of-life care, leaving listeners with key takeaways and best practices for providers and families.

As the hosts wrap up, BetterRX offers insights into the future of hospice care cost management and collaboration. Don’t miss this enlightening conversation that transcends dollars and cents, focusing on the impact of thoughtful care on patients’ lives. Discover the keys to achieving a harmonious balance between cost control and compassionate end-of-life care.

KPIs and Reporting Needs | 2023 End of Year Series: Practical Tips and Inspirational Insights for a Powerful Year-End

Michael and Hannah discuss the importance of real-time data in the Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) process for home health and hospice agencies as they approach the end of the year. They emphasize the significance of having access to up-to-date financial information, especially when outsourcing RCM services.

Learn the critical questions agencies should ask their RCM partners regarding real-time financial data accessibility and communication of accounts receivable status. They stress that relying on outdated data, such as monthly or quarterly reports, can hinder decision-making and necessary adjustments.
The discussion revolves around the benefits of real-time data, including maintaining a healthy cash flow, tracking claim statuses, identifying and rectifying errors promptly, and ensuring compliance with regulations.
The role of real-time data in assessing the efficiency of RCM processes is outlined, identifying bottlenecks, and improving overall operational efficiency. They encourage agencies to ask detailed questions of their Electronic Health Record (EHR) or RCM partner to ensure the granularity and timeliness of the data received.
Michael and Hannah conclude by highlighting how real-time data facilitates proactive issue resolution, helps monitor the performance of outsourced RCM companies, and ensures compliance with privacy regulations in the healthcare industry. They stress that access to current and accurate data is indispensable for informed decision-making, optimizing revenue generation, and maintaining the overall integrity of the revenue cycle management process.