Hospice Coding Accuracy Compliance with AHCC (Association of Home Care Coding and Compliance)

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Episode Description

Join us on the Home HealthRevealed Podcast for a special episode in collaboration with AHHC. Dive into the realm of hospice coding, exploring the challenges and importance of accurate documentation in end-of-life care.

Discover insights from AHCC Talk, a valuable resource for home health and hospice agencies. Stay tuned as our panel discusses hospice coding and compliance, emphasizing the significance of staying updated on regulatory changes and best practices.

Enhance patient outcomes by prioritizing accurate coding practices in hospice care settings. Don’t miss out on the 2024 home health catalog with a 15% discount coupon. Subscribe to AHCC Talk for regular updates on compliance in hospice coding. Thank you for supporting Home Health Revealed.

The link to download the 2024 home health catalog, including a 15% off code: https://interactive.hcpro.com/2024hhcatalog

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