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In healthcare, time is often of the essence, and paperwork impedes physicians and care professionals from actually caring for patients. One study showed that documentation tasks accounted for over 30% of a physician’s time. Incorporating technology to aid with tasks, including order turnaround, can free up healthcare professionals, giving them more time to care for patients and less time spent managing orders. Here’s how.

Process Automation

For home health and hospice agencies, order delays are often a source of frustration. Not only does the delay hinder caregivers from tending to their patients, but it also keeps the agency from being paid in a timely manner.

With the right technology, agencies can automate the order process, programming software to update and submit orders automatically based on specific configurations. Automating the process gives caregivers more time to focus on their patients instead of filling out, scanning, and sending paperwork to physicians through email or uploading them to a system.

The software that helps automate this process also offers tracking tools clinicians and other healthcare workers can use to track their order status. They can use the software to set notifications and get alerted as their orders are being processed.

Better Compliance

Home health agencies are required to comply with various record-keeping practices. Using technology to automate and track orders can help agencies stay compliant without having to double-check everything by themselves.

Because the software offers notifications and tracking tools, caregivers and other healthcare professionals can track documentation errors and third-party documentation requests, handling them more quickly. With all electronic records in one location and easily accessible through the software, workers can comply with any requests for documentation in a timely manner.

Easy Access to Reporting and Analysis

With robust technology, home health and hospice agencies have access to better data that can help them process orders. Administrative team members can track referrals and look at critical data about the order management process. They can use the data to identify potential bottlenecks in the process and work with their staff to help solve the issue.

Centralized patient records and reports can also help improve patient care. Healthcare workers can look at a patient’s information and compare it to the order noting any potential medication allergies, drug interactions, or other critical information before they send the order.

Analytical tools also help the administrative team identify how the software improves overall performance. They can look at stats, including how long it takes to process an order, to improve processes and identify where further changes may be needed.

WorldView Partners with HealthRev for a Better Approach

WorldView recently announced its partnership with HealthRev to offer customized workflows that will allow home health and hospice agencies better manage their physician orders. The WorldView platform will soon integrate with HealthRev’s Velocity revenue cycle management platform. This will allow home health and hospice agencies to automate processes from start to finish.

Learn more about how this system can help you by contacting our team and scheduling a demo.

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