Palliative Care: Developing a Continuum of Care

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Join Amy Rose from Axxess as she talks with Michael Greenlee and Hannah Vale :

Amy Rose is the director of the palliative care solutions for Axxess, responsible for providing strategic direction and delivery of Axxess Palliative Care, the first standalone palliative software solution. She previously served as chief operating officer for Sangre de Cristo Community Care, overseeing the acquisition of three home health organizations and creating urban and rural palliative practices in inpatient, home care and clinical settings.

What is palliative care?

· Palliative care is not hospice care

· There is no one “right way” to do palliative care

· Differentiating inpatient palliative care from community-based palliative care

· Palliative care can increase referrals to other service lines.

Who benefits from receiving palliative care?

How do patients typically pay for palliative care?

How can palliative care be a profitable service line to add to your agency?

What are some operational indicators to know if palliative care is the right service line to add?

What are the professional benefits of working in palliative care?

How is palliative care an effective conduit to an agency being agile?

Why is Axxess leaning heavily on the idea of being agile right now?




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