Kick Off Episode with Michael Greenlee, Founder and CEO of HealthRev Partners

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Episode Description

Hannah Vale and Michael Greenlee bring you the first episode of the Home Health Revealed Podcast as they bring real stories from real industry leaders about issues related to home health.

The Home Health Revealed Podcast is sponsored by HealthRev Partners. So, for the kick off episode, we wanted to hear from Michael Greenlee, Founder and CEO of HealthRev Partners. He talks about why and how he decided to start his RCM (revenue cycle management) management. Find out how he models his business to build a team. He gives advice on hiring using profiling the strengths and skills of his employees, creating performance matrices to pay salespeople and service providers so that they are committed to the vision of the company. 

Within his company, everyone has a voice. He believes that within his company people can disagree and be candid so long as it comes from a place of passion. 

Coding and Billing can be a commodity; What makes HealthRev Partners different is that they view their role as a partner to home health and hospice agencies. 

What makes the company great is the people behind the services that are provided. You can’t run a company without great people and a great solution. 

He tells some heartwarming stories from his childhood that helped shaped his philosophies of life and who he is today. “Always be a man of your word.”

What differentiates HealthRev Partners from other coding and billing services is their dedication to analytics. Velocity gives you all the analytics you need to make wise decisions and find any gaps in productivity. 

You can reach out to Michael or HealthRev Partners for more information on Velocity or to learn more about their services.

Join us in the next episode as we hear from a leader in SEO marketing and learn how you can grow your agency from an SEO perspective. 

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