The High Cost of Hiring Wrong, The Lasting Impact of Hiring Right

Michael J. Greenlee, MBA

A revolving door of Billing Specialists

A revolving door of billing specialists, (At HealthRev Partners, we refer to them as Revenue Cycle Specialists), each needing extensive training only to leave for greener pastures shortly after. Frustrating, right? But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. High turnover in home health isn’t just an annoyance, it’s a financial freefall and a threat to patient care.

Leadership, listen up:

Every time a billing specialist walks out the door, it takes a huge chunk of your budget with them. Recruitment, training, lost productivity – it all adds up. Studies on human capital consistently show that replacing a lost employee can cost 1.5-2 times their annual salary. Imagine that cost compounded with every departing specialist.

But the damage goes beyond dollars.

Frequent turnover shatters continuity of care. Exceptional billing specialists understand unique needs of patients and advocate for them tirelessly, although they may never had direct interaction with the patient. With a revolving door, that trust and familiarity evaporate. New faces mean new processes, new delays, and potentially, missed or incorrect claims. This disrupts care, adding stress and burden to providers and caregivers

So, how do we break this cycle?

By investing in strategic hiring, finding the perfect fit who aligns with your values and embodies the spirit of home health.

Seek those with:

  • Specialized Skill Set: Home health Revenue Cycle Management Specialists require a unique skill set encompassing clinical expertise, compassion, and adaptability. When hiring, prioritize candidates with experience in home care settings and a genuine commitment to patient centered care. Look for individuals who demonstrate empathy, cultural competence, and the ability to collaborate effectively with interdisciplinary teams. They see patients as individuals, not just numbers, and it impacts their work.
  • Compassionate Hearts, Relentless Pursuit of Excellence: Don’t settle for competence; find those who are passionate about making a tangible difference in patients’ lives. Seek evidence of lifelong learning, professional growth, and an unwavering commitment to industry standards. Remember, their dedication directly impacts the quality of care that can continue being delivered.
  • Cultural Harmony: Cultural fit is crucial for fostering a cohesive and supportive work environment. Assess candidates not only based on their qualifications but on their alignment with your organization’s values, mission, and vision. Prioritize individuals who embody integrity, accountability, and a strong work ethic, as they will contribute to the overall success and reputation of your agency. We talk about generational staffing in the workplace in one of our podcast episodes on Home Health Revealed.

Remember, hiring right isn’t just about filling a seat, it’s about building a fortress of care. By prioritizing quality over quantity, you create a stable, compassionate team that delivers exceptional service, minimizes financial losses, and fosters lasting patient relationships.

Let’s be the changemakers, healthcare leaders. Let’s champion the recruitment and development of home health heroes who are more than billing specialists, they’re champions of patient well-being. Together, we can rewrite the narrative, elevate home health to new heights, and ensure that every patient receives the care they deserve, in the comfort of their own home.

Together, let’s build a legacy of excellence in home health care!

Michael Greenlee,

Founder and CEO, HealthRev Partners

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