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HealthRev Partner’s Coding & OASIS review team is comprised of dual certified reviewers, with many years of experience, making them the best in the industry.

At HealthRev Partners we realize that the financial success of your agency is directly correlated to an accurate and compliant clinical documentation review process.

HealthRev Partner’s dual-certified experts are highly-experienced in reviewing many forms of documentation to ensure accurate coding and scoring of the OASIS.   Regulatory compliance, accuracy, and improving publicly reported outcomes is our focus.


Agencies that partner with HealthRev Partners, will experience thorough documentation review, rapid turnaround times, a simplified process, and unmatched transparency.  The benefit of a reliable and effective clinical documentation review process will make a positive impact to your bottom line.

Rapid Turnaround Times

Rapid turnaround time is vital for billing purposes and compliance.    At HealthRev Partners we track turnaround times and strive to turn charts around in no more than two business days.  We also notify you promptly of any charts placed on hold, to prevent delays in returning charts that require additional documentation to complete.

A Simplified Process

HealthRev Partner’s makes changes directly within your software system in an effort to alleviate administrative staff from having to email or fax patient-specific data.  Clients will have access to our internal operations system that will allow them to track their charts in real time.  HealthRev Partners strives to code your OASIS assessment to the highest specificity, which may result in a chart being placed on hold.  When this occurs, you will be notified of which chart is on hold and what is needed to complete the chart.

Customized Documentation Review Solutions

HealthRev Partners can tailor a solution (aka scope)  to meet your unique needs, regardless of what they might be.  Our clinical leadership will review your current processes with you in detail and assist you in determining which of the following review scope will best suit your needs.

Coding Only: Appropriate ICD-10 codes selected based on MD documentation.

Coding Plus: Coding and OASIS review with a focus on M- items that impact star rating and publicly reported outcomes.

OASIS Review: Coding and OASIS review of all M-items and GG items for accuracy.

OASIS Plus:  Coding and OASIS review of all M-items and GG items for accuracy PLUS review of POC for compliance.

**GG items are an optional value-add to both the OASIS Review and OASIS Plus review scopes.

Discharge: Review of all OASIS M-items for accuracy.

Interactive OASIS: HealthRev will hold a telephone conference with clinician following the OASIS SOC/RCT/ROC assessment to perform comprehensive quality review of assessment, OASIS data, medications, and complete the plan of care.  Review will be discussed of all OASIS items for accuracy, interventions and goals and visit utilization.  Quality review will be completed at the time of the conference with recommendations provided to promote productivity, quality, accuracy, and timeliness of documentation.  Coding will be completed by HealthRev per verified MD diagnosis, sequenced per focus of care, and appropriate severity ratings suggested

Interactive OASIS Discharge: OASIS Interactive Review of all discharge OASIS items for accuracy.

Unmatched Transparency

HealthRev Partners offers the advantage of full transparency and insight into specific client data via the Client dashboard, which includes access to information such as:

  • Tracking of OASIS changes made by our reviewers
  • The ability to narrow changes down to specific clinicians.
  • Before and after reimbursement comparison
  • Volume tracking

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