Unleashing Leadership Potential: Navigating Stress, Focus, and Energy for Optimal Performance with Vicki Landers

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Join us as Michael Greenlee and Hannah Vale talk with Vicki Landers of In Progress Coaching.
Vicki combines her background in healthcare, coaching, and energy leadership to help leaders overcome challenges, gain mastery over invisible influences, and enhance their performance while creating a positive impact on their teams and patients.

Vicki discusses the invisible influences that contribute to leadership stress, which include external factors like physical well-being, environmental surroundings, and social interactions, as well as internal factors like spiritual alignment, emotional expression, and mental engagement. These influences can either support or hinder a leader's performance.

She emphasizes the importance of focus in leadership, which involves being fully present and accepting the current situation. By reframing stress and embracing the present moment, leaders can enhance their performance and move forward with solutions.

Regarding personal development, Vicki acknowledges that leaders may feel uncomfortable taking the time for introspection and change. However, she encourages leaders to embrace the opportunity to make conscious choices about their career and seek coaching as a means to gain clarity and navigate the middle of their careers.

Vicki introduces the concept of energy leadership, which involves viewing the world through different energy lenses. There are seven levels of energy, ranging from victimhood to self-mastery. Each level has a core thought, emotion, and action associated with it. Leaders can use the Energy Leadership Index (ELI) assessment to understand their default energy lens and make conscious choices about how they want to show up as leaders. This shared language can be used to create awareness and foster growth within teams.

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