Revolutionizing Hospice Care Costs, One Patient at a Time with BetterRX

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Episode Description

Dive into hospice care cost management with our latest podcast episode featuring Jared Stong, PharmD, Founder and Chairman at BetterRX, delving into the heart of the matter.

BetterRX opens the conversation by shedding light on the challenges of medication management in hospice care, emphasizing the delicate balance between addressing symptoms effectively and controlling costs. With insightful strategies for optimizing drug regimens and deprescribing, BetterRX introduces a groundbreaking approach that tailors medications to each patient's unique needs, steering clear of unnecessary expenses.

The discussion takes an innovative turn as BetterRX explores the role of technology in improving medication management. From formulary plans to streamlined communication, discover how technology simplifies processes, providing immediate recommendations and enhancing collaboration among hospice providers, hospitals, and specialists.

Listen in as BetterRX shares a real-world example of successful collaboration, illustrating how a united front among healthcare organizations can improve patient outcomes while effectively managing costs. Uncover the challenges providers face in coordinating care and the strategies they can implement to strike the delicate balance between cost control and quality.

The episode concludes with a thought-provoking exploration of ethical considerations in cost-saving measures. BetterRX emphasizes the importance of maintaining patients' comfort and dignity in end-of-life care, leaving listeners with key takeaways and best practices for providers and families.

As the hosts wrap up, BetterRX offers insights into the future of hospice care cost management and collaboration. Don't miss this enlightening conversation that transcends dollars and cents, focusing on the impact of thoughtful care on patients' lives. Discover the keys to achieving a harmonious balance between cost control and compassionate end-of-life care.

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