Optimizing Hospice Excellence: Quality Care, Staff Retention, and Accreditation with Deanna Heath

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Episode Description

Join Michael Greenlee and Hannah Vale as they talk with Deanna Heath, Senior VP of Client Experience at Kantime and a hospice expert with extensive experience in the field. Deanna discusses her background, emphasizing her passion for quality assessment and performance improvement in hospice care.

The conversation covers topics related to hospice care, including the complex needs of patients and their families, the importance of the initial meeting with patients, and the role of caregivers. Deanna emphasizes the significance of active listening during the admission visit and the need for personalized, compassionate care.

The discussion shifts to challenges in hospice care, focusing on patient and family needs where Deanna provides insights into the diverse needs of hospice patients and highlights the importance of a comprehensive assessment that includes physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects. The role of the interdisciplinary team (IDT) is discussed, emphasizing the collaboration needed to address patients' holistic needs.

The conversation touches on training for hospice clinicians, with Deanna stressing the importance of standardized training and ongoing education to ensure consistent and high-quality care. The podcast also explores technology's role in maintaining consistency across large service areas, including electronic health records and telemedicine platforms.

Deanna shares her thoughts on addressing challenges related to staff turnover and training, emphasizing the need for genuine care, support, and proper hiring practices to retain dedicated hospice staff. The discussion includes Deanna's insights into evaluating agencies based on their authenticity.

The conversation delves into accreditation and certification programs, such as CHAP and ACHC, and the importance of these accreditations in maintaining quality and standardization. Deanna mentions the evolving landscape of hospice care with a focus on outcomes and the potential for hospice care indexes in the future.

The podcast concludes with a discussion on common mistakes and areas for improvement in hospice agencies, with Deanna highlighting the significance of care planning, medication management, and the importance of deprescribing unnecessary medications.

Throughout the episode, Deanna subtly (or maybe not-so-subtly) promotes Kantime by mentioning its features, such as real-time documentation and training capabilities. Overall, the podcast provides valuable insights into the challenges and best practices in hospice care, featuring Deanna's expertise and passion for improving patient and family experiences.

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