Navigating Eligibilities and Authorizations | 2023 End of Year Series: Practical Tips and Inspirational Insights for a Powerful Year-End

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Episode Description

In this podcast episode, hosts Hannah and Michael unveil a series aimed at helping listeners end 2023 on a strong note and kickstart 2024 with momentum. They delve into crucial topics such as optimizing revenue collection and conducting a detailed breakdown of the billing and collections process for home health or hospice agencies. Michael introduces a special offer from HealthRev Partners for agencies looking to recover uncollected funds, emphasizing its importance for financial stability and performance analysis. Interested? Contact for more info.

Hannah walks through the steps for entering 2024 with financial peace of mind through HealthRev Partners' Revenue Recovery Agreement. Michael and Hannah share insights on the intricacies of the billing process, stressing the significance of accurate documentation from the patient's referral. They offer practical tips, such as verifying insurance cards and understanding payors.

Michael shifts the focus to measures agencies should take regarding their internal teams or partners, including qualifications of coders and reviewers, familiarity with Medicare guidelines, and EHR expertise. Hannah highlights the addition of HealthRev's eligibility and authorizations service, underscoring its role in preventing revenue loss. Michael stresses the importance of getting this aspect of revenue cycle management right and suggests considering outsourcing.

The next episode, which will cover the handling of denials and appeals in the healthcare revenue landscape.

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