KPIs and Reporting Needs | 2023 End of Year Series: Practical Tips and Inspirational Insights for a Powerful Year-End

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Michael and Hannah discuss the importance of real-time data in the Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) process for home health and hospice agencies as they approach the end of the year. They emphasize the significance of having access to up-to-date financial information, especially when outsourcing RCM services.

Learn the critical questions agencies should ask their RCM partners regarding real-time financial data accessibility and communication of accounts receivable status. They stress that relying on outdated data, such as monthly or quarterly reports, can hinder decision-making and necessary adjustments.

The discussion revolves around the benefits of real-time data, including maintaining a healthy cash flow, tracking claim statuses, identifying and rectifying errors promptly, and ensuring compliance with regulations.

The role of real-time data in assessing the efficiency of RCM processes is outlined, identifying bottlenecks, and improving overall operational efficiency. They encourage agencies to ask detailed questions of their Electronic Health Record (EHR) or RCM partner to ensure the granularity and timeliness of the data received.

Michael and Hannah conclude by highlighting how real-time data facilitates proactive issue resolution, helps monitor the performance of outsourced RCM companies, and ensures compliance with privacy regulations in the healthcare industry. They stress that access to current and accurate data is indispensable for informed decision-making, optimizing revenue generation, and maintaining the overall integrity of the revenue cycle management process.

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