Infusion Insider: Home Health Infusion Services with Brandon Lang of Haggai Healthcare and The Drip IV Infusion

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Join Michael Greenlee and Hannah Vale as they talk with Brandon Lang of Haggai Healthcare and The Drip IV Infusion as they talk about Brandon's entrepreneurial journey.

Brandon Lang began his healthcare journey as an EMT at 19, working his way through nursing school and eventually becoming a flight nurse, with over 17 years in the air medical industry. After realizing the toll corporate healthcare was taking on his life, he purchased Haggai Healthcare Corp in 2020, transitioning from emergency medicine to home health. In 2022, he founded The Drip IV Infusion, a concierge healthcare business centered on wellness, driven by his faith, family, and a dedicated team's commitment to patient care.

Home health infusion therapy is a specialized area of healthcare that involves the administration of medications, fluids, or other treatments directly into a patient's bloodstream or tissues in the comfort of their home, particularly beneficial for patients who require long-term treatments or have difficulty accessing healthcare facilities.

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