Eligibilities and Authorizations in Home Health: Keys to Timely Care and Reimbursement

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Episode Description

In this episode, hosts Mike and Hannah discuss the importance of proper authorization and eligibility processes for home health agencies. They are joined by special guest Jamila Booker, an expert in E  & A, who provides valuable insights into navigating payer requirements, creating payer SOPs, and ensuring timely authorizations.

Key topics covered include:

  • Determining if patients meet homebound criteria for home health eligibility
  • Initiating authorizations within payer-specific timelines and visit limits
  • Potential consequences of delayed or mismanaged authorizations
  • Challenges and changes anticipated with home health authorizations

Jamila shares her expertise on streamlining authorization workflows, understanding payer nuances, and the crucial role of eligibility and authorization management for home health agencies. Don’t miss this informative discussion packed with practical tips and industry knowledge.

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