Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) – What You Need to Know with Kristy Pyles of In Your Corner Consulting

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Episode Description

In this episode, Mike and Hannah sit down with Kristy Pyles, Founder and Principal of In Your Corner Consulting (IYC), to discuss the critical topic of Electronic Visit Verification (EVV).Kristy brings a wealth of experience to the conversation, having over two decades in law enforcement combating healthcare and pharmacy fraud. She then spearheaded initiatives against fraud, waste, and abuse, including designing and implementing Ohio’s first CMS-certified EVV solution.

Kristy shares insights on:

  • What exactly is EVV and why providers have to use it
  • How states have approached EVV models and vendor selection
  • Key challenges providers are facing with EVV implementation
  • Options for providers who don’t want to use their state’s EVV vendor
  • How states are enforcing EVV requirements
  • Steps providers can take to prepare for EVV compliance

As the founder of a certified Women-Owned Small Business, Kristy also discusses IYC’s holistic approach to helping clients navigate the complexities of EVV and drive innovation in home healthcare.This is a must-watch for any home health provider looking to stay ahead of the EVV curve and deliver high-quality, compliant care.

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