Cultivating Trust: Strategies for Home Health and Hospice Leaders with Kelci Stafford of Bayada

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Episode Description

Developing trust with patients and staff is crucial in the home health and hospice industry, especially during times of change. Kelci Stafford, an Area Director for BAYADA Home Healthcare, shares her insights on building trust in this podcast.

Kelci emphasizes the importance of transparent communication, empathy, and leading by example to foster trust with both patients and staff. She highlights the need to address concerns proactively, be accessible, and demonstrate a genuine commitment to the well-being of the team. 

Additionally, Kelci reveals the three characteristics she looks for when hiring staff at any level to ensure they are trustworthy and able to build trust with patients. 

Ultimately, Kelci’s insights underscore the critical role of trust in the home health and hospice industry, where the well-being of patients and the dedication of staff are paramount. By prioritizing transparent communication, empathy, and employee development, leaders can navigate times of change and maintain the trust that is essential for delivering exceptional care. 

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