Changing Your Mindset on Time | Choosing the Right Coding Company | Regaining Control of Collections

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What if time was created to protect you? How can we use it to. better our lives and how to serve others? Lack of time management causes anxiety and stress, sleep issues and even anger or depression. In the work place, it can cause burnout. As leaders, our employees have lives outside of work. Most people are fighting a battle against time before they even grab their favorite cup of coffee. 

Michael gives his personal example of how he sets his daily schedule to renew his mind and be prepared for life’s challenges and serve others through what he calls, “Me Inc.”

When is comes to finding a coding company, never make decision on price alone. Use the given steps to find the right partnership. As consumers, we are in pursuit of value that fits the price. What you are really looking for is quality, compliance, data and a brand that fits your company. 

To regain control of collections, there are some common problems we have identified. From Payor set-up and intake to posting payments and claim adjustments, Home Health Revealed lists the steps to take back the process and jump start your collections. 

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