AI-Driven Therapy

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In this episode of the Home Health Reveal Podcast, we speak with Mark Salley, VP of Innovation and Rehab Solutions at Elara Caring, and Veera Anantha, Founder and CEO of Constant Therapy. They discuss their innovative partnership to bring AI-driven speech and cognitive therapy to Elara Caring’s home health patients. Mark explains the challenges home health providers face in finding enough skilled clinicians, especially speech therapists, to meet patient needs. Veera then describes how Constant Therapy’s platform personalizes evidence-based therapy exercises using AI based on each patient’s performance and progress.

They share powerful patient stories illustrating how Constant Therapy empowers stroke survivors and others to take control of their recovery journey through more frequent, data-driven therapy tailored to their abilities. Mark and Veera also discuss their plans to bridge the continuity of care gap by extending this technology across acute, rehab, and home settings.

Tune in to learn more about this cutting-edge partnership improving access to quality rehabilitative care through the power of AI and digital health solutions.

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