Automation Revolution: How Home Health is being Impacted by Robots and AI?

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While automation is not new, the surge in technology and the use of additional AI features are greatly impacting the home health industry.

Automation is really just the use of machines with process automation capabilities to help with processes.

Many menial and repetitive tasks are being replaced with robots. With the staff shortage, the use of automation is becoming even more important. AI or Artificial intelligence is also being used. Speech recognition, image recognition, and censors are being used to create processes and make decisions.

Machines or bots are programmed to perform tasks as a human would based on a set of parameters. Built using algorithms or mathematical functions. We use is all the time in social media, Alexa, smart phones, vehicles. It’s a series of inputs and outputs. It can only respond based on its programming.

We have really identified three major parts of the home health process that have been impacted by automation: those are the intake process, the patient care portion, and then the revenue cycle.

Listen to learn more about each of those aspect. 


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