LifeCare Collective Testimonial

“What got me excited about HealthRev Partners is that they seemed to really understand and have a culture or a desire to help us be more effective. It wasn’t just getting charts coded and out, but it was actually making sure that we were being as effective and as successful as they could help us be.” – Angela Sipe, LifeCare Collective’s Chief Operating Officer

The Problem

“Revenue cycle management is very complex. It’s like a giant puzzle where you’re just trying to put all of these unique pieces together and the variables are changed daily. Your census in home health and hospice can ebb and flow. And timing is everything. Getting documentation completed so that you can bill timely, getting orders out, and making sure orders come back. All that goes into it. You’re always looking at timing.” – Angela Sipe, LifeCare Collective’s Chief Operating […]

Castor Home Nursing Testimonial

We feel that we have identified the right partnership for our coding and billing needs. The team at HealthRev Partners is very passionate, professional, and committed to providing a quality service. This partnership is going to be a game changer for us – we can focus on patient care while getting the best revenue cycle support from HealthRev Partners.” – Palani Sakthi, Castor’s Managing Partner & Chief Technologist

The Problem

Castor Home Nursing, Inc. is a leading provider of home nursing and staffing services in Illinois. For more than 30 years, they have enhanced the quality of life for others. Recently, Castor expanded to offer Medicare home health services. They knew they had the right care team in place, but they needed an experienced coding and billing team.

The Solution

After speaking with several vendors, Castor Home Nursing chose HealthRev Partners. They chose us because […]

Unity Home Health Testimonial

It’s amazing and rare that a company like HealthRev Partners treats a small customer with the same appreciation and diligence as a large customer. I shouldn’t even say customer because we’re treated more like a partner. This is a breath of fresh air. In our over 18 years of business, I haven’t seen this type of thoughtful support. Someone finally gets it! When you work together and your customer succeeds, then everybody wins.” -Brian Boon, General Manager

The Problem

For nearly 20 years, Unity Home Health has served the Texoma community. They’re a preferred provider of Choctaw. After several years of working with a vendor for coding and billing, they grew unhappy. They felt like just a number. They experienced poor communication with very little guidance and support. And, they found that they were overpaying for inconsistent and unreliable results. Ultimately, they didn’t see the return […]

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