Does your revenue cycle management vendor have processes in place for measuring performance? Do they have procedures for mitigating poor results? What happens if they underperform and don’t deliver? How does that affect your agency?

Watch this video to hear about the importance of working with a revenue cycle management vendor that has established guidelines for measuring performance and delivering results. Basically, without defined performance metrics and goals, you could end up very unhappy with your results. Also, you could get stuck in a contract, paying for services that aren’t valuable for your agency.

Unlike other revenue cycle management vendors, at HealthRev Partners, we’ll work with you to customize a plan that optimizes results. Upon implementation, we’ll identify challenges, benchmarks, and key strategies for success. This ensures that we’re all on the same page and marching to a unified goal. Additionally, we’ll have regular meetings to review reports, discuss progress, and get updates from you on internal operations. This could include changes in staff, processes, EMR, and more. During these meetings, we’ll also address any concerns and initiate action plans.

When you choose HealthRev Partners, you’re partnering with a revenue cycle management vendor that is invested in your success. To learn more about our revenue cycle management services for home health and hospice, or to get information on our no-obligation trial period, reach out to us today.

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