I am often asked by my friends and coworkers how I am able to get everything done.  Truth is, I can’t. 

In business, you have probably heard the words, “time management.”  Either you control your time, or time controls you. What if I told you time was created to protect you? What if that is its sole purpose? We could debate why time exists and we both might both be right. Regardless of how you define time, time is something we all must deal with.  We can all agree that no one has the power to stop time. So, if we can’t stop time, let’s discuss how we can use it to better our lives. Truth be told, we couldn’t bear to see our lives all at once.

We live busy lives.  Many people are constantly rushing around to get things done.  We are so busy that we become frustrated just having to wait in a fast-food line.  How did we get here?   Add kids to the mix with sports, lessons, and school, and now we are ready for some road rage.  Most people wake up and the battle begins.  Before you even have your favorite cup of coffee, you feel the anxiety taking over your body. 

The pressure we put on ourselves is unbelievable. The stress we create is stealing our joy and slowly deteriorating our health. I found that the days I have to rush around have a tendency to go badly.  I started out not mentally prepared to start my day and as a leader, father, and husband, I needed “me time” so I could renew my mind and be ready to take on life’s challenges and serve others. And this practice helps me improve employee engagement. 

I needed a mindshift.  So, I set out to find a different way. I set out to protect the precious time I have so that it will protect me. Now, instead of managing my time, I choose to invest the time I have every day.  I call this time, ME INC.  My morning routine is very specific.  I wake up every morning at 5:00AM and then proceed through this basic schedule.

5:15AM – Listen to a sermon with my wife.  This helps me renew my mind, builds my marriage and prepares me to serve others

5:45AM – Gym.  Health is critical and those around me need me to be sharp and healthy.

7:00AM – News (I need to catch up on what’s going on in the world, but only 15 mins.)

7:15AM – Spiritual time (I do this outside and alone) This is where I gain wisdom.

7:30AM – Get ready for the day

8:00AM – Professional Growth.  I hate to read so I listen to books on Audible.

8:30AM – I’m ready to start my day

Dinner – Family time.  With three girls involved in just about everything, we need family.  This is where love is found.

This is my schedule.  At first, I thought I was being selfish.  Afterall, I call it ME, INC. But look closely and what you will see is a schedule perfectly designed to build my character. It’s not perfect but it works for me. Now, open your schedule, find what works for you to let the transformation begin.