“What got me excited about HealthRev Partners is that they seemed to really understand and have a culture or a desire to help us be more effective. It wasn’t just getting charts coded and out, but it was actually making sure that we were being as effective and as successful as they could help us be.” – Angela Sipe, LifeCare Collective’s Chief Operating Officer

The Problem

“Revenue cycle management is very complex. It’s like a giant puzzle where you’re just trying to put all of these unique pieces together and the variables are changed daily. Your census in home health and hospice can ebb and flow. And timing is everything. Getting documentation completed so that you can bill timely, getting orders out, and making sure orders come back. All that goes into it. You’re always looking at timing.” – Angela Sipe, LifeCare Collective’s Chief Operating Officer

When Angela started exploring revenue cycle management vendors, it was important to find one that didn’t just “go through the motions”. She needed a partner that lived up to their promise of delivering more value.

The Solution

As Angela engaged with the team at HealthRev Partners, she quickly saw what sets us apart from other vendors. For one thing, she was impressed with our commitment to efficiency, producing continuous cash flow, and fully collecting everything that our customers are owed. In fact, when she saw Velocity in action, she was even more confident that we would deliver on our word.

She immediately saw significant value in how Velocity drives efficiency and effectiveness across both teams to accelerate reimbursement. In addition, with the Velocity reports, she gained full insight into quality, clinician productivity, and revenue. In her own words, “Anything that gives you insight into where you’re performing well and where your weaknesses are is a gold mine.” As a matter of fact, we continuously collaborate to implement process improvements and enhance staff training using these key insights. In other words, our partnership goes beyond just coding and billing.

About LifeCare Collective

LifeCare Collective empowers small to mid-size home health and hospice agencies to improve ROI and adapt more quickly to market changes by leveraging significant advantages gained from the synergy of a collective group. Benefits for agencies include better managed costs, optimized purchasing power, and streamlined operations. Stronger Together!

Inspiring Possibilities

We inspire possibilities for agencies across the nation through high quality revenue cycle management services. We accelerate cash flow, spark continuous growth and reinvestment, and provide peace of mind so you can further advance your mission to provide exceptional care and touch more lives. If you’d like to talk about how we can help you achieve greater success in 2021, contact us today!

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