Has your agency ever experienced the frustration of having a Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) solution that isn’t partnered with your EMR?


  Does your billing department dread the time of the month where they have to stay late and manually input important information into the EMR because it doesn’t have a partnership with an RCM, thus spending long hours staring at a computer and painstakingly making sure all the information is correct?

Keep reading if the answer is yes to one or both of these questions.

A Partnership that Helps Agencies Deliver Quality Patient Care

Agencies who use KanTime’s EMR solution and HealthRev Partners’ RCM software won’t have to spend long nights at the office staring at the screen until they go numb.

  KanTime and HealthRev Partners’ preferred partnership  help agencies with:

Inputting documents into your agency’s software seems tedious, stressful, and time-consuming, especially when your agency’s primary focus is delivering quality care.

That’s why agencies need to have solutions that partner together and work FOR you instead of you working for your solutions.

How these Organizations Work Together

When your agency utilizes KanTime and HealthRev Partners, you benefit from:

  • Streamlined and optimized processes

  • Quality patient care

  • Potentially receiving the maximum allowed reimbursement from all payers.

  • Enhancing efficiency and profitability in your agency.

The billing department won’t have to spend long nights at the office inputting documents manually into your EMR. These organizations have you covered so you can focus on what matters most: the patients.

Cool right?!

Team Work Makes the Dream Work

KanTime and HealthRev Partners are very like-minded in bringing innovation, efficiency, and high-touch services to agencies across multiple lines of business.

KanTime and HealthRev Partners work together to recommend cross-platform enhancements and collectively manage their mutual clients while helping them achieve their goals.

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