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Revenue Cycle Management Services

Perfect compliance means fewer disputes with payers, smoother operations, lower overhead costs, more satisfied customers, and higher reimbursement rates – all leading up to increased revenue!


Our professional onboarding system streamlines processes, and our customization saves time and reduces postliminary problems.


Our billing system accurately tracks and monitors all claims, reducing DSO and helping you receive every claim dollar you deserve.

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We ensure you schedule efficiently and effectively to utilize your personnel resources best, eliminate  unnecessary labor costs, and reduce coding errors.


Following up on unpaid claims keeps you on hold for hours. Our claims forecasting technology and RCM services team saves you time and gets results fast.


Using our proprietary software tools, we perform a free audit so that you will know the IMPACT of your aging claims, unbilled claims, and how it affects your AR to cash account. 


Velocity, our proprietary software tool, tracks, organizes, and reports data to identify low-performance areas and the overall health of your organization.

Improved cash flow  by an average of 30% within 60 days

NOA/NOE submission and tracking all the way to payment posting.

RCM specialist with expertise tailored to your account based on EHR, payors, and geographic location

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Our agency has been working with HealthRev Partners for two years and their commitment to quality and transparency sets their company above all the rest. The workflow provided by Velocity simplifies our agency’s needs and their leadership is consistently seeking new, innovative ways to provide the best service available. They care about the overall health of our agency, and it is evident by the way their coding team takes the time to make us feel like true partners. We highly recommend their services and look forward to our continued relationship.

-Heather, Florida Home Health Agency

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"We are very happy with you all! Only good reports from me! I will be happy to talk to potential clients!"


(Coding and billing Client)

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