A message from Michael Greenlee, HealthRev Partners Founder & CEO:

Home health and hospice agencies continue to get over-promised and under-serviced by home care revenue cycle management companies. Have you noticed as soon as you sign an agreement for services, the salesperson goes into the witness protection program? The sales team is pressured month over month to sell more by an executive team that knows very little about the services they provide. To make matters worse, the coding and billing service team is full of inexperienced individuals trying to fulfill an empty promise made during the sales transaction.

Let’s breakdown what goes on behind the scene and how to protect yourself in the future. Over the past few years, several independent home care revenue cycle management vendors have been acquired by large software companies in hopes of gaining market share, limiting agency choice, and increasing their EMR user base. Like most acquisitions, the acquiring company starts to make wholesale changes while promising their employees this is a good thing. However, they reduce staff to lower overhead expenses, transfer services overseas, and finally increase new sales quotas. After all, they have to increase sales to cover their investment. In other words, everyone becomes distracted, and agencies (you) suffer.

I know firsthand what this is like. I’ve been through it several times, and each time we sit back and watch the madness. In the corporate boardroom, they brag about how great they are and how this move is going to change the industry. What they forget to disclose is that they know very little about home care revenue cycle management, but they know that they need more sales to justify the ROI.

The sales and service departments don’t communicate. In fact, they see the service department as the revenue protection department. I would argue that there only needs to be two departments, growth and retention. You can’t have one and not the other. Just like a tree, the bigger you get, the further you grow from the roots.

Here are three ways you can protect yourself from pretenders:

  • Bigger doesn’t always mean better. Find a home care revenue cycle management company that understands your needs and goals. Make sure they have a sound infrastructure and request references from 3 past clients, not just current clients. This will tell you everything you need to know.
  • Watch out for fake data. Remember, they can show you whatever they want and you’ll never know. Who cares about their data. The only data you should be worried about is your own.
  • Question the team’s experience. Ask who will be assigned to your account and what experience do they have with your EMR. Do they have industry knowledge, understand payers, and have business acumen? Just because you use their EMR doesn’t mean you should use their RCM services.

For a complete list of questions you should ask when looking for coding or billing services, please reach out to me and I’ll be happy to share them with you.

We’re home care revenue cycle experts.

When it comes to your cash flow, don’t hand over your home health and hospice coding and billing to just anyone. We’re made up of home care revenue cycle management veterans who are passionate about securing your success. Our experienced team knows what it takes to achieve accurate, high quality RCM that produces real results. We’re driven to make client satisfaction and success our top priority. Our sole focus is on maximizing your revenue…and it shows.

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