Michael J. Greenlee, a healthcare veteran with more than 20 years of experience, most recently in home health and hospice, announced today the launch of HealthRev Partners, a company solely focused on consultative-style revenue cycle management for home health and hospice agencies, regardless of EHR, across the nation. 

Traditional outsourced RCM [revenue cycle management] has become very transactional, fee for service type operation, with very little transparency and reporting. This leaves many agencies in the dark around overall financial performance and revenue potential. Our approach is decidedly different. said Greenlee, HealthRev Partners Founder and CEO. 

HealthRev Partners seeks to disrupt conventional practices by taking more modern, consultative approach to revenue cycle management. In addition to directly managing the complexity of everyday coding and billing processesthe company works closely with clients to drive operational improvements and efficiencies across the agency. These improvements directly impact financial success and security, without the high cost usually associated with consulting services. 

Not every agency can afford a consultant, but many agencies need help identifying key factors that affect financial performance that go beyond coding and billing processes. With our tech-driven technology platform and expert teamwe’re able to dig deeper to identify breakdowns in processes and areas for improvement or training, adds Greenlee. 

Home health and hospice agencies looking for a contemporary approach to managing revenue cycle operations can contact HealthRev Partners at 866.774.8943 or visit the company’s website at healthrevpartners.com to learn more. 

 About HealthRev Partners 

Delivering financial security and stability, HealthRev Partners inspires endless possibilities for home health and hospice agencies across the nation through high quality, personalized revenue cycle management services and consulting enabled by the latest technology. The company’s innovative, scalable solutions accelerate cash flow, spark continuous growth and reinvestment, and provide peace of mind, allowing agencies to focus on advancing their mission to provide exceptional care and touch more lives. To learn more about HealthRev’s solutions, call 866.780.3554 or visit healthrevpartners.com. 

If you would like more information, please email Amanda Evans at aevans@healthrevpartners.com.