Coding Errors & Inaccurate OASIS Scoring Almost Cost A Client $45,828!

(But the story has a happy ending.  We corrected the errors before submission and the client pocketed the money!)

*One Month of data was used for this chart.

Charts Reviewed for One Client

Average Corrections Made Per Chart

Additional Reimbursement




These numbers are real.  We have stories like this month over month.

OASIS scoring errors don’t have to be a common problem, but most agencies have no way to track the data. 

In addition to the reimbursement, there were also other impacts to the clinical documentation that we found. Below is a complete breakdown of what every agency should be able to know and have at their fingertips.

Impact of OASIS Changes Found by HealthRev in the above example:

  • Outcomes: 1205 corrections 
  • VPB: 1201 corrections
  • 5 Star: 815 corrections
  • Process Measures: 317 corrections
  • PDGM: 790 corrections
  • PAE: 1194 corrections
  • Risk Adjustment: 1748 corrections
  • Reimbursement: 864 corrections

There is more to a chart review than just reimbursement — this is your brand!

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