COVID-19 Patient Care Forum

About the COVID-19 Patient Care Forum

As frontline health care workers during COVID-19, you’re faced with the challenge of providing care under circumstances never before seen in your lifetime. Join us for a discussion focused on COVID-19 patient care where the panel will share how the adaptations, changes, and innovations being made today will shape how we provide care in the future. Our panelists will cover topics such as:
  • New policies and procedures for treating COVID-19 patients including infection control measures
  • How agencies are caring for patients with new and more severe conditions not typically treated in the home
  • Effective cost control measures and ensuring access to supplies
  • Adoption and maximization of virtual technologies
  • Providing compassionate care from behind PPE
  • Administering care in high-risk settings like nursing homes and other facilities


Christine Flynn | Supply Chain and Operations Integration, Hospice of Michigan
Darcey Trescone | Founder, Trescone Consulting
Kathy Piette | CEO, Corstrata
Mary McCammon | Director of Education and Quality, AbilisHealth

Moderated by Tim Rowan | Founder & President, Healthcare at Home: The Rowan Report

About the Webinar Series

There’s no doubt that COVID-19 has deeply affected home care. Recruiting, communication, reimbursements, patient care…everything you do has been touched by this devastating pandemic.

Many home health and hospice agencies have been focused on temporary solutions to address the current challenges associated with COVID-19. But most experts agree that post-pandemic, “normal” is going to look quite different. Many of the changes you make now will evolve into the new future of home care.

To benefit from opportunities that result in both short-term and long-term results, agencies must understand and adjust to this new future of home health and hospice. You won’t want to miss the chance to learn how others are successfully adapting.

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