COVID-19 Financial Operations Forum

About the COVID-19 Financial Operations Forum

Not only is the home care industry under tremendous clinical pressure, but you’re also likely feeling a financial squeeze. Because of this, forward-thinking agency leaders are seeking out new strategies and opportunities to remain solvent. In this session focused on COVID-19 financial operations, our panelists will chat about ways to achieve financial success when so many are struggling. They’ll discuss:

  • Financial challenges and opportunities during the pandemic and beyond
  • Opportunities for telehealth reimbursements
  • Successfully addressing coding and billing challenges
  • Implementing new business development strategies
  • Fundraising challenges during a down economy
  • Creative investments in technology, services, and products that are effective now and into the future


Bobby Robertson | President & Founder, Missouri Home Hospice
Chip Carroll | Director of Strategy & Business Development, Playmaker Health
Holly Miller Chief Revenue Officer, Playmaker Health
John Reisinger | Principal, Innovative Financial Solutions for Home Health
Rachel Bracken | Vice President of Services, HealthRev Partners

Moderated by Tim Rowan | Founder & President, Healthcare at Home: The Rowan Report

About the Webinar Series

There’s no doubt that COVID-19 has deeply affected home care. Recruiting, communication, reimbursements, patient care…everything you do has been touched by this devastating pandemic.

Many home health and hospice agencies have been focused on temporary solutions to address the current challenges associated with COVID-19. But most experts agree that post-pandemic, “normal” is going to look quite different. Many of the changes you make now will evolve into the new future of home care.

To benefit from opportunities that result in both short-term and long-term results, agencies must understand and adjust to this new future of home health and hospice. You won’t want to miss the chance to learn how others are successfully adapting.

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