On January 1, 2023, the OASIS will undergo significant changes. Some M-items are leaving us for good, while a slew of new ones are joining us. These modifications will be one of the most significant updates to the OASIS to date, substantially altering the landscape of the documentation. The final draft has yet to be [...]


Improving Employee Engagement in the Workplace

Bootstrapping is a thing of the Past Have you ever told someone that they need to pull up the bootstraps? Chances are if you are older than 40 years of age, you have said that to someone. I believe talent can only take you so far and then it comes down to hard work. [...]

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Clinician Home Health Documentation Ownership

What is OASIS?  Whether a person has worked in the home health industry for 10 days or 10 years, it is likely that they know OASIS is the main star of the universe that everything else revolves around. It can be very intimidating for clinicians to navigate OASIS documentation.  OASIS is an acronym for [...]

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How to Create Predictable Revenue for Home Health

What is Predictable Revenue for Home Health? What some call “billing and collection services,” we would actually call “creating predictable revenue”.  A key essential model to ensure a set level of revenue per month, so they can then make plans to scale and grow.   How do we create predictable revenue? The only way to [...]

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Improving home health star ratings

What is the importance of accuracy in home health coding and OASIS and how does that impact outcomes and star ratings?  Accuracy in home health coding and OASIS are extremely important as there are many factors that are impacted by how a record is coded and how the OASIS items are scored. One common [...]

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The Invisible Truth to Your Billing

Over the past six months, I have interviewed over one hundred agency owners asking them specific questions centered around their revenue cycle management.  I wanted to know why this side of the business causes so much anxiety for owners and administrators. What I ultimately wanted to know was if I could provide some guidance [...]

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A CEO’s Letter to His RCM Team

If there’s anything certain in the home health and hospice market, it’s that NOTHING is certain in the home health and hospice market. It is ever-changing. And as an RCM company that seeks to provide the BEST analytics and service, we must be willing to change with it. We recently recorded a podcast that [...]

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Home Health Certification and Plan of Care Billing 101

Medicare requires a home health certification and plan of care to be compliant and for reimbursement.Creating the plan and its follow up can be complicated. The plan of care should match the documentation within the OASIS. It can take hours of time and energy to be compliant. Many agencies are looking for [...]

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Medicare Cost Report

The New Medicare Home Health Cost Report CMS 1728-20 Parts 1 and 2 FREE Training The new Medicare Cost Report Form brings the first significant changes to the report in 25 years including increased disciplines and new cost centers. John Reisinger, CPA of Innovative Financial Solutions for Home Health shares his [...]

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KanTime and HealthRev Partners Unique Benefits for Agencies

  Has your agency ever experienced the frustration of having a Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) solution that isn’t partnered with your EMR? OR   Does your billing department dread the time of the month where they have to stay late and manually input important information into the EMR because it doesn’t [...]

KanTime and HealthRev Partners Unique Benefits for Agencies2022-02-18T18:08:57+00:00
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