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Learning Objectives:

Attendees will …
… learn how to identify a patient’s resource needs via the HIPPS Code
… be able to apply the concept of Best Practices in developing Care Plans
… be able to critique the past resource utilization and make improvements thereto
… learn how proper Resource Management saves money and helps improve patient outcomes
… develop and/or utilize tools to help improve their best practices and resource management


PDGM became effective 1/01/20 and significantly changed how we operate in Medicare Home Health. New Cost Centers were developed, additional discipline data needed to be tracked, billing and coding changed dramatically, and the Home Health Value-Based Model is expanding nationwide. That’s a lot to digest, and these and other changes need to be addressed all the while operating your agency with no let up.

This presentation will look at the elusive concept of best practices and how it dovetails with resource management. For decades, many in the industry have talked about best practices, yet, no one has really ever managed to define it/design it in a way that works well in home health. In this presentation, we will be discussing several perspectives to help better identify what best practices and resource management in relation to ‘hands-on’ patient care really means to us in home health. We’ll consider what the HIPPS Code implies to an agency in regards to revenues, expenses and patient needs, and tie that into resource management. And in regards to resource management, we’ll look at it from a patient utilization perspective to get a better idea of how the proper management of resources impacts patient outcomes and the agency’s profitability. In fact, the proper management of resources is probably the easiest and quickest way to make a positive impact on an agency’s bottom-line. Additionally, we will look at how an agency can turn to web-based tools to assist with resource management as a step towards developing internal best practices.