2024 Medicare Cost Report for Home Health pt. I & II

2024 The Medicare Cost Report for Home Health pt. I Webinar

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In part I of this two-part webinar, we will look into the intricacies of the Medicare Home Health Cost Report (CMS Form 1728-20) with John Reisinger. This webinar focuses on understanding accurate data entry and addressing concerns raised by CMS Proposed and Final Rules. Explore the pivotal role precision plays in shaping future reimbursement.

Download the webinar handout by clicking here.

2024 The Medicare Cost Report for Home Health pt. II Webinar

Part II of this webinar will dive deeper into the Medicare Cost Report (MCR). Here, we will identify the more important metrics/key-performance indicators to help analyze how well the agency is doing and where improvement opportunities might exist. We will also identify how CMS uses the information from the MCR to identify Medicare profitability and impact future reimbursement rates. This is a follow-up to Part I of this webinar series, where we expand on the details noted and discussed in Part I of this 2-part series.

Download the handout to Pt. II by clicking here.

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